In case the final compound´s properties have to surpass higher levels of static or dynamic stress, chemical resistance, or service temperatures that go beyond the performance level of SiBSTAR-TPE grades, the choice is SiBSTAR-TPV. These polymers are comprised of a chemically pre-crosslinked polyisobutene in a thermoplastic matrix of PE, PP or SIBS. The compression set of these systems goes as low as 13% (22 hours at 121 °C). Typical applications are sealings and liners, but also the modification/flexibilization of other plastics, e.g. in the food and pharmaceutical industry. Processing is typically done by injection moulding. SiBSTAR-TPV is available in 15 kg bags in form of granules.
Special features compared to the TPE-types are:

  • improved media resistance
  • high service temperatures
  • low compression set


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