Weather resistant acrylic films

Kaneka Sunduren™ stands for pure, plasticizer-free PMMA-foils in high-end quality, available in thicknesses from 50µm to 150µm for different applications.


Laminated window profiles made of PVC-U according to RAL GZ 716/1
Laminated onto a PVC base-foil Sunduren optimizes protection against weathering and prevents plasticizer migration.

Specially pigmented Sunduren foils for the preparation of traffic signs, markings, and car labels.

Car interior decorations
High-quality, zero-defect foils with high scratch-resistance for IML or IMD-processes.

  • lamination of PC-plates to avoid yellowing by ageing
  • panel-laminates with high weathering resistance
  • metallized PMMA-foils, combining the typical advantages of acrylates with excellent adhesion properties of the metal layer


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