Additives for engineering plastics

Kane Ace M

MBS- and acrylic-impact modifiers have been developed for special demands of engineering plastics. They are based on a core-shell-structure. The different acrylate-based grades show especially good UV-resistance. Depending on the matrix-polymer, also transparent systems can be obtained.

Kane Ace MP

Kane Ace MP is a matting agent, which avoids the typical decline of impact strength at higher dosages. The key to this feature is Kaneka´s core-shell-technology. The result is a visible reduction of gloss or an opaque appearance by keeping the impact resistance. Applications are matt or opaque foils, plates, profiles made of PMMA, PVC, or ABS. Kane Ace MP functions also as a viscosity improver, e.g. for PET, PBT and PLA. Due to the existence of reactive groups the viscosity is visibly increased by interaction with the polymer.

Kane Ace MR

Kane Ace MR is a halogen-free flame retardant additive that shows impact modification properties on top. In polycarbonate, e.g., these silicone-based products can – contrary to standard flame retardants - improve impact resistance and flame retardancy at the same time.
Does a PC-blend or PBT already contain different flame retardants, Kane Ace MR can be used as impact modifier without negative influence on the original level of flame retardancy. An additional feature is the excellent heat resistance (> 350°C). There is no influence on heat stability of the polymer to me modified.



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