XMAP is the abbreviation for a group of polymeric raw materials used for elastic sealants, adhesives, and coatings that demand special high performance in certain areas. These polyacrylates are functionalized telechelically (X-Modified Acrylic-Polymer), and “X” stands for the available reactive group at the end of each polymer chain. The curing reaction can be initiated by moisture, by hydrosilylation, or by radicals. Especially the option to use radical cure opens up new applications other product groups of Kaneka are not suitable for. Radicals can be generated by temperature, UV-radiation, or electron beam. In direct comparison to the MS-Polymers, the XMAP-polymers provide additional benefits:

  • higher UV-resistance and weatherability (similar to silicones)
  • temperature stability (up to 150 °C service temperature)
  • oil resistance (engine house sealing possible)
  • low compression set at high temperatures

The centers of reactivity are located exclusively at the end of each molecule. Significant performance differences can be found when compared to traditional acrylic polymers that show a statistical distribution of reactive groups along the chain of the macromolecule. Areas of use are the automotive industry (e.g. oil pan sealing), the construction industry (e.g. as sealant for self-cleaning glass), the electronic industry, marine applications, etc...



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